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138 Christ of the Prophets, The (608pp, hbk) Robertson, O. Palmer S$30.0
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145 Christian Living in the World (110pp, pbk) Adams, Jay E. S$11.5n
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154 CLASSICS FOR YOUNG READERS: Little Women (430pp, pbk) Alcott, Louisa May S$13.0
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162 Commandments of Christ (A Topical Study of Christian Discipleship, 169pp, pbk) Beasley, Robert C. S$9.0
163 Commentary on Galatians (Modern-English Edition, 415pp, pbk) Luther, Martin S$17.5
164 Commentary on the Epistle of Paul to the Ephesians (T. CHINESE/HB, 125pp, pbk) Calvin, John S$8.5
165 Commentary on the Epistle of Paul to the Romans (T. CHINESE/HB, 379pp, pbk) Calvin, John S$16.5
166 Committed to Craftmanship (107pp, pbk) Adams, Jay E. S$11.5n
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169 Communities of the Last Days (The Dead Sea Scrolls, the N. T. & the Story of Israel, 303pp, pbk) Pate, C. Marvin S$23.5
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173 Confronting the New Age (How to Resist a Growing Religious Movement, 230pp, pbk) Groothuis, Douglas R. S$14.5
174 Constrained by His Love (A New Biography of Robert Murray McCheyne, 496pp, hbk) Van Valen, L.J. S$28.0
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182 Counterfeit Miracles (327pp, pbk) Warfield, B. B. S$12.0n
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185 Created in God's Image (264pp, pbk) Hoekema, Anthony A. S$20.5n
186 Creation in Six Days (A Defence of the Traditional Reading of Genesis 1, 265pp, pbk) Jordan, James B. S$20.0
187 Creation: A Witness to the Wonders of God (121pp, pbk) Futato, Mark D. S$9.0
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189 Crisis of Caring, The (Recovering the Meaning of True Fellowship, 190pp, pbk) Bridges, Jerry S$9.0
190 Cross in the Experience of Our Lord (96pp, pbk) Finlayson, R. A. S$8.5
191 Cross & Christian Ministry, The (Leadership Lessons from 1 Cor, 144pp, pbk) Carson, D. A. S$15.5
192 CROSSWAY BIBLE GUIDES (OT03) - Discovering Leviticus (Live as God's Craftsmanship, 224pp, pbk) Tidball, Derek S$8.0
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194 CROWN & COVENANT: King's Arrow (215pp, pbk) Bond, Douglas S$10.0
195 Curing the Heart (A Model for Biblical Counselling, 208pp, pbk) Hines, William/Eyrich, Howard S$17.5
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200 Day by Day With the English Puritans (432pp, hbk) Pederson, Randall J. (Ed) S$16.5n
201 Death of Death in the Death of Christ (312pp, pbk) Owen, John S$14.0n
202 Debating Calvinism (Five Points, Two Views, 427pp, pbk) Hunt, Dave/White, James S$22.5n
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205 Depression: A Rescue Plan (A Practical Christian Response to Depression, 152pp, pbk) Winter, Jim $15.0n
206 Deserted by God? (Hope for All Who Do Not Sense the Lord's Sustaining Presence During Life's Troublesome Times, 196pp, pbk) Ferguson, Sinclair B. S$12.5n
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209 Digest of Reformed Faith (T. CHINESE/HB, 55pp, pbk) Chao, Charles H. S$7.5
210 Discerning Reader, The (Christian Perspectives on Literature and Theory, 302pp, pbk) Barratt, D, et al S$19.5
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212 Discipline of Grace, The (A Study Guide Based on the Book, 128pp, pbk) Bridges, Jerry S$12.0n
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214 Discovering Christ in Revelation (400pp, pbk) Fortner, Donald S. S$23.5
215 Dispensationalism (Rightly Dividing the People of God? 160pp, pbk) Mathison, Keith A S$11.0
216 Distinguishing Marks of the Work of the Holy Spirit (T. CHINESE/HB, 118pp, pbk) Edwards, Jonathan S$12.0
217 Divine Challenge, The (336pp, pbk) Byl, John S$18.0n
218 Divine Inspiration of the Bible (108pp, pbk) Pink, Arthur W. S$10.5
219 Doctrinal Standards, Liturgy, & Church Order (189pp, pbk) Netherlands Reformed Congregations S$9.5n
220 Doctrine According to Godliness (A Primer on Reformed Doctrines, 352pp, hbk) Hanko, Ronald S$29.0n
221 Doctrine of God (407pp, hbk) Bavinck, Herman S$32.0n
222 Doctrine of Sin (272pp, pbk) Campbell, Iain D S$19.0
223 Does God Believe in Atheists? (655pp, hbk) Blanchard, John S$34.0
224 Don't Make Me Count to Three! (A Mom's Look at Heart-Oriented Discipline, 155pp, pbk) Plowman, Ginger S$14.0
225 Don't They Make a Lovely Couple? (6 Important Questions You Need to Face About Your Marriage, 144pp, pbk) Benton, John/Ann S$8.5
226 Down, But Not Out (How to Get Up When Life Knocks You Down, 256pp, pbk) Mack, Wayne A. S$13.0
227 Drama of Scripture, The (Finding Our Place in Biblical Stories, 256pp, pbk) Bartholomew, Craig G/Goheen, Michael W. S$21.0n
228 Dutch Color (176pp, pbk) Jones, Douglas S$12.0
229 Duties of Church Members to Their Pastors/A Plea to Pray for Pastors (42pp, pbk) James, John Angell S$5.0n
230 Duties of Parents (42pp, pbk) Ryle, J. C. S$4.0
231 Duties of Parents, The (176pp, pbk) Koelman, Jacobus S$15.5
232 Early Earth, The (An Introduction to Biblical Creationism, Revised Edition, 174pp, pbk) Whitcomb, John C. S$12.0
233 Easy Chairs, Hard Words (Conversations on the Liberty of God, 144pp, pbk) Wilson, Douglas S$12.0
234 Effective Pastor, The (The Key Things a Minister Must Learn to be, 260pp, pbk) White, Peter S$19.0
235 Elder & His Work, The (136pp, pbk) Dickson, David S$10.0
236 Elders of the Church, The (69pp, pbk) Eyres, Lawrence R. S$6.0
237 Encounters With Jesus (When Ordinary People Met the Saviour, 256pp, pbk) Phillips, Richard D. S$13.0
238 Enemy Within, The (Straight Talk About the Power & Defeat of Sin, 157pp, pbk) Lundgaard, Kris S$10.0
239 Essential Truths of the Christian Faith (T. CHINESE/HB, 282pp, hbk) Sproul, R. C. S$20.0n
240 Esther, A True First Lady (The Post-Feminist Icon in Secular World, 189pp, pbk) Tidball, Derek S$10.5
241 Evangelical Eloquence (A Course of Lectures on Preaching, 361pp, pbk) Dabney, R. L. S$9.0n
242 Evangelical Ethics, 3rd Ed (Issues Facing the Church Today, 352pp, pbk) Davis, John Jefferson S$18.0
243 Evangelical Feminism & Biblical Truth (An Analysis of 118 Disputed Questions, 856pp, pbk) Grudem, Wayne S$29.5n
244 Evening by Evening (T. CHINESE/HB, 380pp, pbk) Spurgeon, C. H. S$18.0n
245 Every Thought Captive (A Study Manual for the Defence of Christian Truth, 142pp, pbk) Pratt, Jr, Richard L. S$9.0
246 Everyday Talk (Talking Freely & Naturally About God With Your Children, pbk) Younts, John A. S$14.0
247 Examination of Dispensationalism, An (61pp, pbk) Cox, William E. S$6.0
248 Excellent Marriage (A Training Manual to Equip You in Discovering God's Grand Design, 159pp, pbk) Debinski, Craig & Pamela S$14.0n
249 Excellent Wife (A Biblical Perspective, Revised Ed. 257pp, pbk) Peace, Martha S$16.5n
250 Excellent Wife (Study Guide, 94pp, pbk) Peace, Martha S$12.0n
251 Exemplary Husband (A Biblical Perspective, 363pp, pbk) Scott, Stuart S$17.5n
252 Experience that Counts (T. CHINESE/HB, 118pp, pbk) Edwards, Jonathan S$7.5
253 Exposition of the Westminster Confession of Faith, An (372pp, hbk) Shaw, Robert S$28.0
254 Expository Sermons on 2 Peter (272pp, pbk) Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn S$17.0n
255 Expository Thoughts on the Gospels - John (Set of 3, 1394pp, pbk) Ryle, J. C. S$26.5n
256 Expository Thoughts on the Gospels - Luke (Set of 2, 922pp, pbk) Ryle, J. C. S$20.0n
257 Expository Thoughts on the Gospels - Mark (370pp, pbk) Ryle, J. C. S$10.0n
258 Expository Thoughts on the Gospels - Matthew (414pp, pbk) Ryle, J. C. S$10.0n
259 Face of Truth, The (Lifting the Veil, 136pp, pbk) Edgar, William S$11.0
260 Fact, Value & God (183pp, pbk) Holmes, Arthur F. S$19.0
261 Faith Alone (The Evangelical Doctrine of Justification, 221pp, pbk) Sproul, R. C. S$18.0n
262 Faith in the Face of Apostasy (The Gospel According to Elijah & Elisha, 168pp, pbk) Dillard, Raymond B. S$13.0
263 Faith Victorious (Finding Strength & Hope from Hebrews 11, 240pp, pbk) Phillips, Richard D. S$13.0
264 Faith Worth Sharing (A Lifetime of Conversations About Christ, 152pp, pbk) Miller, C John S$9.0
265 Family At Church, The (Listening to Sermons & Attending Prayer Meetings, 50pp, pbk) Beeke, Joel R. S$5.0n
266 FAMILY GUIDE TO THE CHRISTIAN FAITH: Beginning With God (40pp, hbk) Gorrell, Nancy S$12.0
267 Far Above Rubies (Today's Virtuous Woman, 187pp, pbk) Hanko, Herman S$13.0n
268 Farbers, The (203pp, hbk) Hoeksema, Gertrude S$19.0n
269 Federal Husband (110pp, pbk) Wilson, Douglas S$12.0
270 Fidelity (What It Means to be a One-Woman Man, 168pp, pbk) Wilson, Douglas S$15.0
271 Fierce the Conflict (208pp, hbk) Cliff, Norman H. S$22.5
272 Final Word, The (A Biblical Response to the Case for Tongues & Prophecy Today, 150pp, pbk) Robertson, O. Palmer S$8.0n
273 FIND THE ANIMAL SERIES: God Made Something Beautiful (16pp, pbk) Reeve, Penny S$5.5
274 FIND THE ANIMAL SERIES: God Made Something Clever (16pp, pbk) Reeve, Penny S$5.5
275 FIND THE ANIMAL SERIES: God Made Something Quick (16pp, pbk) Reeve, Penny S$5.5
276 FIND THE ANIMAL SERIES: God Made Something Strong (16pp, pbk) Reeve, Penny S$5.0
277 Finding a Job You Can Love (192pp, pbk) Mattson/Miller S$10.0
278 Finding the Right Track (Using the Bible to Teach Our Children, 35pp, pbk) Younts, John A. S$5.5n
279 Fine China is for Single Women Too (121pp, hbk) Brownback, Lydia S$13.0
280 First Book of Daily Readings, A (T. CHINESE/HB, 388pp, hbk) Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn S$19.5
281 First Steps in Christian Doctrines (T. CHINESE/HB, 315pp, pbk) Williamson, G. I. S$20.0n
282 Fit Bodies, Fat Minds (Why Evangelicals Don't Think & What to Do about It, 160pp, pbk) Guinness, Os S$12.0
283 Five Points of Calvinism (A Study Guide, 132pp, pbk) Palmer, Edwin H. S$14.0
284 Five Points of Calvinism, 2nd Ed (Defined, Defended, & Documented, 256pp, pbk) Steele, David N. S$13.0
285 Flow of the New Testament (A Book by Book, Theme by Theme Guide, 524pp, hbk) Leschert, Dale F. S$31.0
286 Following the Shepherd (through the 23rd Psalm, 112pp, pbk) Jeffery, Peter S$7.0n
287 Footprints of the Fisherman (Life Lessons from One Who Walked Closely With Christ, 247pp, pbk) Ruvolo, Carol J. S$13.5
288 For Thy Truth's Sake (A Doctrinal History of the Protestant Reformed Churches, 541pp, hbk) Hanko, Herman S$40.0n
289 Forever People (Living Today in Light of Eternity, 207pp, pbk) Nederhood, Joel S$12.0
290 Foundation for Life, A (A Study of Key Christian Doctrines & their Application, 140pp, pbk) Haykin, Michael (Ed) S$20.5
291 Foundations of the Christian Faith (A Comprehensive & Readable Theology, 740pp, hbk) Boice, James M. S$37.0n
292 Foundations of the Christian Faith, Bk1 - The Sovereign God (T. CHINESE/HB, 208pp, pbk) Boice, James M. S$11.5
293 Foundations of the Christian Faith, Bk2 - God the Redeemer (T. CHINESE/HB, 228pp, pbk) Boice, James M. S$12.5
294 Foundations of the Christian Faith, Bk3 - Awakening to God (T. CHINESE/HB, 204pp, pbk) Boice, James M. S$12.5
295 Foundations of the Christian Faith, Bk4 - God & History (T. CHINESE/HB, 236pp, pbk) Boice, James M. S$14.5n
296 Foxe's Book of Martyrs (392pp, hbk) Foxe, John S$10.0
297 Foxe's Book of Martyrs (432pp, pbk) Foxe, John S$15.5
298 Free Indeed (Escaping Bondage & Brokenness for Freedom in Christ, 132pp, pbk) Ganz, Richard S$13.0
299 From Eden to Egypt (Exploring the Genesis Themes, 252pp, pbk) Williams, Peter $17.0n
300 From Embers to a Flame (How God Can Revitalize Your Church, 232pp, hbk) Reeder III, Harry L. S$19.0
301 From Fear to Faith (Rejoicing in the Lord in Turbulent Times, 76pp, pbk) Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn S$6.5
302 From Fear to Faith (T. CHINESE/HB, 99pp, pbk) Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn S$7.5
303 From Fear to Freedom: Living as Sons & Daughters of God (176pp, pbk) Miller, Rose Marie S$14.0n
304 From Forgiven to Forgiving (Learning to Forgive One Another God's Way, 175pp, pbk) Adams, Jay E. S$19.0n
305 From Pride to Humility (26pp, pbk) Scott, Stuart S$4.0n
306 From Religion to Christ (The Conversation Between Jesus & Nicodemus, 92pp, pbk) Jeffery, Peter S$8.5n
307 Fruit of Her Hands, The (Respect & the Christian Woman, 109pp, pbk) Wilson, Nancy S$12.0
308 Future Men, The (199pp, pbk) Wilson, Douglas S$16.0
309 Genesis of Sex (Sexual Relationships in the First Book of the Bible, 184pp, pbk) Robertson, O. Palmer S$12.0
310 Geneva Series of Commentaries: Ecclesiastes (319pp, hbk) Bridges, Charles S$17.5n
311 Genius, Grief & Grace (A Doctor Looks at Suffering & Success, 400pp, pbk) Davies, Gaius S$19.0
312 George Whitefield (Evangelist of the 18th-Century Revival, 224pp, pbk) Dallimore, Arnold A. S$10.5
313 Gesenius' Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament (919pp, pbk) Gesenius, H. W. F. S$28.0
314 Getting the Gospel Right (The Tie that Binds Evangelicals Together, 207pp, hbk) Sproul, R. C. S$21.0
315 Getting the Message (A Plan for Interpreting & Applying the Bible, 255pp, pbk) Doriani, Daniel M. S$15.0
316 Gisbertus Voetius: Toward a Reformed Marriage of Knowledge & Piety (36pp, pbk) Beeke, Joel R. S$6.5n
317 Given for You (Reclaiming Calvin's Doctrine of the Lord's Supper, 370pp, pbk) Mathison, Keith A. S$16.0
318 Glory of Christ, The (Encounter the Majesty of the Lord of Lords, 219pp, pbk) Sproul, R. C. S$12.0
319 Glory of the Atonement (Biblical, Historical & Practical Perspectives, pbk) Hill, Charles/James, Frank S$29.5n
320 Go & Make Disciples! (An Introduction to Christian Missions, 190pp, pbk) Greenway, Roger S. S$10.0
321 God's Alphabet for Life (Devotional for Young Children, 65pp, pbk) Beeke/Boorsma S$7.5n
322 God's Book of Wisdom (A Daily Devotional Built on the Wisdom of Proverbs, 432pp, pbk) - S$16.0
323 God's Everlasting Covenant of Grace (236pp, pbk) Hanko, Herman S$13.0n
324 God's Little Guidebooks: God Creats (16pp each, pbk, 8-Title Pack) MacKenzie, Catherine S$10.0
325 God's Pattern for Creation (A Covenantal Reading of Genesis 1, 144pp, pbk) Godfrey, W. Robert S$11.0
326 God's Renaissance Man - Abraham Kuyper (320pp, pbk) McGoldrick, James E. S$15.0
327 God's Riches (A Workbook on the Doctrines of Grace, 96pp, pbk) Benton, J/Peet, J. S$12.0n
328 God's Righteous Kingdom (Focusing on the Law's Connection With the Gospel, 151pp, pbk) Chantry, Walter J. S$8.0n
329 God's Way, Not Ours (Sermons on Isaiah 1:1-18, 150pp, pbk) Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn S$10.5n
330 God-Centered Biblical Interpretation (238pp, pbk) Poythress, Vern S. S$15.0
331 God-Centered Preacher, The (Developing a Pulpit Ministry Approved by God, 351pp, pbk) Reymond, Robert L. S$23.0
332 God-Centred Evangelism (248pp, pbk) Kuiper, R. B. S$10.0n
333 God Gave Me Smell (16pp, board) MacKenzie, Catherine S$4.5
334 God In the Wasteland (The Reality of Truth in a World of Fading Dreams, 278pp, pbk) Wells, David F. S$21.5n
335 God in Three Persons (Biblical Testimony to the Trinity, 58pp, pbk) Pol, Allen Vander S$7.0
336 God Made Them Great (135pp, pbk) Tallach, John S$9.0n
337 God of Covenant, The (Biblical, Theological & Contemporary Perspectives, 256pp, pbk) Grant, J. A./Wilson, A. I. S$22.0n
338 God Who Justifies, The (A Comprehensive Study of the Doctrine of Justification, 400pp, hbk) White, James R. S$23.5
339 Godliness Through Discipline (33pp, pbk) Adams, Jay E. S$2.5
340 Gods of the Nations, The (Studies in Ancient Near Eastern National Theology, 176pp, pbk) Block, Daniel S$18.0
341 God, the Ten Commendments & Jesus (46pp, hbk) MacKenzie, Carine S$12.0
342 Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life, The (96pp, pbk) Calvin, John S$10.5
343 Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life, The (T. CHINESE/HB, 84pp, pbk) Calvin, John S$4.5
344 Good Morning Alice (157pp, pbk) Van Baren, Gise J. S$12.0n
345 Gospel for Children, The (A Simple, Yet Complete Guide to Help Parents Teach Their Children the Gospel of Jesus Christ, 40pp, hbk) Leuzarder, John B. S$18.0
346 Gospel & Church (An Evangelical Evaluation of Ecumenical Documents on Church Unity, 176pp, pbk) Jones, Hywel R. S$13.5n
347 Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners (144pp, hbk) Bunyan, John S$13.5
348 Grace of God in the Gospel (T. CHINESE/ZB, 107pp, pbk) Cheeseman, John et al S$3.0
349 Grand Demonstration, The (A Biblical Study of the So-Called Problem of Evil, 119pp, pbk) Adams, Jay E. S$9.5n
350 GREAT CHRISTIAN CLASSICS: Aspects of Holiness (Holiness, 144pp, pbk) Ryle, J. C. S$7.0
351 GREAT CHRISTIAN CLASSICS: Learning to be Happy (The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, 64pp, pbk) Burroughs, Jeremiah S$5.0
352 GREAT CHRISTIAN CLASSICS: Thinking Spiritually (The Grace and Duty of Being Spiritually Minded, 95pp, pbk) Owen, John S$6.0
353 GREAT CHRISTIAN CLASSICS: Walking With God (Practical Religion, 144pp, pbk) Ryle, J. C. S$7.0
354 Great Gulf Fixed, A (Sermons on the Rich Man & Lazarus, 125pp, pbk) North, Brownlow S$6.5n
355 Grief & Pain in the Plan of God (Christian Assurance & the Message of Lamentations, 144pp, pbk) Kaiser, Walter C., Jr S$12.0
356 Grieving a Suicide (The Search for Comfort, Answers, & Hope, 190pp, pbk) Hsu, Al S$11.5
357 Grieving (Our Path Back to Peace, pbk) White, James R. S$12.0
358 Grow in Grace (160pp, pbk) Ferguson, Sinclair B. S$7.5n
359 Growing by Grace (104pp, pbk) Adams, Jay E. S$11.5n
360 Growing in God's Spirit (144pp, pbk) Edwards, Jonathan S$12.0
361 Growing Up (Issues Ben Faces as a Christian Teenager, 48pp, pbk) Jeffery, Peter S$5.5
362 Guide: Creation -- Chance or Design, The (221pp, pbk) Tyler, David J. S$14.0
363 G&T CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Advice to a Young Christian (170pp, pbk) A Village Pastor S$8.5
364 G&T CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Aunt Margaret's Twelve Stories (126pp, pbk) Unknown S$8.5
365 G&T CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Behind Mr. Bunyan (50pp, pbk) Beaumont, Agnes S$6.0
366 G&T CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Bible in the Wall (64pp, pbk) Unknown S$6.0
367 G&T CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Collector's Edition (167pp, pbk) Unknown S$8.5
368 G&T CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Dairyman's Daughter, The (86pp, pbk) Richmond, Legh S$7.5
369 G&T CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Gerrit & His Dog (89pp, pbk) Unknown S$7.5
370 G&T CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Great Truths for Little Children (96pp, pbk) Unknown S$8.5
371 G&T CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Kanousky, the Indian Boy, & David Brainerd, the Indian's Missionary (52pp, pbk) Unknown S$6.0
372 G&T CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Lessons for the Young (135pp, pbk) Babcock, Rufus S$8.5
373 G&T CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Mary Bunyan: Blind Daughter of John Bunyan (528pp, pbk) Ford, Sallie Rochester S$22.0
374 G&T CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Patty's Curiosity (48pp, pbk) Elizabeth, Charlotte S$6.0
375 G&T CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Tampering with Temptation (70pp, pbk) Unknown S$7.5
376 G&T CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Theobold the Iron-Hearted (64pp, pbk) Baird, Thompson S$6.0
377 G&T CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Two Wealthy Farmers, The (188pp, pbk) More, Hannah S$10.0
378 G&T CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Weed With an Ill Name (107pp, pbk) Unknown S$7.5
379 G&T CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Widow's Son & Other Stories, The (99, pbk) Unknown S$7.5
380 G&T CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Young Cottager, The (95pp, pbk) Richmond, Legh S$7.5
381 Handbook of Contemporary Theology, A (Tracing Trends & Discerning Directions in Today's Theological Landscape, 394pp, pbk) Smith, David L. S$23.5n
382 Happy Old Age, A (80pp, pbk) Oxenden, Ashton S$8.5n
383 Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible (1008pp, hbk) Hastings, James S$21.5
384 Healing Epidemic (227pp, pbk) Masters, Peter S$8.0
385 Healing Epidemic, The (T. CHINESE/HB, 160pp, pbk) Masters, Peter S$4.0n
386 Healing Promise, The (Is It Always God's Will to Heal? 228pp, pbk) Mayhue, Richard S$19.0
387 Heart for God, A (T. CHINESE/HB, 149pp, pbk) Ferguson, Sinclair B. S$7.5n
388 Heart for Mission, A (Five Pioneer Thinkers, 144pp, pbk) Davies, Ron S$12.0
389 Heart of Anger (Practical Help for Prevention & Cure of Anger in Children, 201pp, pbk) Priolo, Lou S$21.0n
390 Heaven Help the Home (T. CHINESE/ZB, 150pp, pbk) Hendricks, Howard S$10.0
391 Heidelberg Catechism, The (T. CHINESE/HB, 138pp, pbk) Ursinus/Olevianus S$7.0
392 Heidelberg Catechism, The: A Study Guide (241pp, pbk) Williamson, G. I. S$11.0
393 Heirs of Salvation (Studies in Biblical Assurance, 100pp, pbk) Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn S$8.0n
394 Help Heavenward (Guidance & Strength for the Christian's Life Journey, 195pp, pbk) Winslow, Octavius S$8.5n
395 Helping Hand, A: Counsel for Those Who are Afflicted & in Distress (116pp, pbk) Elshout, Arie S$13.0n
396 Helps for Counselors (A Mini-manual for Christian Counselling, 64pp, pbk) Adams, Jay E. S$8.5
397 Her Hand in Marriage (Biblical Courtship in the Modern World, 95pp, pbk) Wilson, Douglas S$11.0
398 Here We Stand! (A Call from Confessing Evangelicals for a Modern Reformation, 208pp, pbk) Boice, James M. S$12.0
399 Here We Stand! (hbk) Boice, James M. S$20.0
400 Herein Is Love: Exodus (258pp, pbk) Ganz, Nancy E. S$17.5
401 Herein Is Love: Genesis (545pp, pbk) Ganz, Nancy E. S$21.5
402 Herein Is Love: Leviticus (136pp, pbk) Ganz, Nancy E. S$14.0
403 Hero of Heroes (Seeing Christ in the Beatitudes, 116pp, pbk) Duguid, Iain M. S$10.0
404 High Calling of Motherhood (Pamphlet) Chantry, Walter J. S$0.5n
405 Hints for Parents (With Gospel Encouragements by Tedd Tripp, 80pp, hbk) Spring, Gardiner S$10.5
406 HISTORY MAKERS - George Muller (Delighted in God, 253pp, pbk) Steer, Roger S$12.0
407 History of Christian Doctrines, The (T. CHINESE/HB, 239pp, pbk) Berkhof, Louis S$15.5
408 History of Christianity (T. CHINESE/HB, 132pp, pbk) Yun, T. S. S$9.0
409 History of the Work of Redemption, A (448pp, hbk) Edwards, Jonathan S$29.0n
410 Holiness of God, The (Revised, 226pp, pbk) Sproul, R. C. S$15.0
411 Holy Bible (245BG, NKJV, Compact Ref Ed, Burgundy, Bonded Leather, Gilded Gold Page Edges) - S$25.5
412 Holy Bible (24S, NKJV, Nelson's Classic Companion Bible, Black, Bonded Leather, Snap) - S$30.0
413 Holy Bible (27, NKJV, Nelson's Classic Companion Bible, Black, Bonded Leather) - S$25.5
414 Holy Bible (3005B, NKJV, Nelson Ref Bible, Blue, Bonded Leather, Gilded Silver Page Edges) - S$31.5
415 Holy Bible (3005, NKJV, Nelson Ref Bible, Black, Bonded Leather, Gilded Gold Page Edges) - S$31.5
416 Holy Bible (3006, NKJV, Nelson Ref Bible, Black, GENUINE Leather, Gilded Gold Page Edges) - S$51.5
417 Holy Bible (5222, NKJV, Compact Text, Hardcover) - S$9.5
418 Holy Bible (Alkitab, softback) - S$20.0
419 Holy Bible (Chinese Union Version With New Punctuation, S. Chinese/HB, Leather with Zip) - S$30.0n
420 Holy Bible (Chinese Union Version With New Punctuation, S. Chinese/HB, Leather) - S$23.0n
421 Holy Bible (Chinese Union Version With New Punctuation, S. Chinese/HB, Softback) - S$12.5
422 Holy Bible (ESV/New Chinese Version, S. Chinese/HB, blue, hbk) - S$36.0n
423 Holy Bible (KJV Pew Bible, Blue, hbk) --- S$10.0
424 Holy Bible (KJV Pew Bible, Red, hbk) --- S$10.0
425 Holy Bible (KJV/Chinese Union Version with New Punctuation, T. Chinese/HB, hbk) - S$32.00
426 Holy Bible (New Cantonese Bible, T. Chinese, HB, softback) - S$15.0n
427 Holy Bible (NIV/Chinese Union Version with New Punctuation, S. Chinese/HB, hbk) - S$44.00
428 Holy Bible (NT, Psalms & Proverbs, Chinese Union Version, Giant Print, S. Chinese/HB, hbk) - S$16.0
429 Holy Bible (Taiwanese Han Character Edition, T. Chinese/HB, Leather with Zip) - S$60.0n
430 Holy Bible (Xin Yue Quan Shu, S. CHINESE/HB, 722pp, pbk) - S$20.0n
431 Holy Spirit, The (159pp, pbk) Moule, Handley S$10.5
432 Homework Manual for Biblical Living, V1 (202pp, pbk) Mack, Wayne A. S$9.0
433 Homework Manual for Biblical Living, V2 (90pp, pbk) Mack, Wayne A. S$8.0
434 Horizons of Hope (Reality in Disability, 243pp, pbk) Edwards, Brian H. S$18.0
435 House for My Name, A (A Survey of the Old Testament, 277pp, pbk) Leithart, Peter J. S$20.0
436 How Can I Be Sure I Am a Christian? (What the Bible Says About the Assurance of Salvation, 153pp, pbk) Whitney, Donald S. S$14.0n
437 How Does God Guide? (Help to Discern God's Will for Your Life, 192pp, pbk) Tidball, Derek S$12.0
438 How to Be Free from Bitterness (60pp, bkt) Wilson, Jim S$5.0
439 How to Develop Deep Unity in the Marriage Relationship (T. CHINESE/HB, 163pp, pbk) Mack, Wayne A. S$11.5
440 How to Grow in Christ (87pp, pbk) Kinneer, Jack D S$7.0
441 How to Handle Trouble (60pp, pbk) Adams, Jay E. S$5.0
442 How to Handle Your Life (& Other Helpful Advice from God, 183pp, pbk) MacKenzie, Carine S$10.5
443 How to Help People In Conflict (Becoming a Biblical Peacemaker, 156pp, pbk) Adams, Jay E. S$16.5n
444 How to Live in a Dangerous World (Biblical Pictures of Modern Perils, 256pp, pbk) Ellsworth, Roger S$14.0
445 How to Overcome Evil (A Practical Exposition of Roms 12:14-21, 107pp, pbk) Adams, Jay E. S$6.0
446 How to Overcome Loneliness (23pp, pbk) Elliot, Elisabeth S$2.0n
447 Human Cloning - Right or Wrong? (32pp, pbk) Davies, Eryl S$2.0
448 Humility (The Forgotten Virtue, 184pp, pbk) Mack, Wayne/Joshua S$11.0
449 Hunger for Significance, 2nd Ed. (275pp, pbk) Sproul, R. C. S$12.0
450 Hymns of Praise (T. CHINESE/HB & English, hbk) CNEC S$18.5n
451 Hyper-Calvinism & the Call of the Gospel (An Examination of the "Well-Meant Offer" of the Gospel, 216pp, pbk) Engelsma, David J. S$13.5n
452 I Can Say to God, "Please" (10pp, board book) MacKenzie, Catherine S$3.5
453 I Will Follow You, O God (T. CHINESE/HB, 233pp, pbk) Bridges, Jerry S$13.0
454 Idols of the Heart (Learning to Long for God Alone, 232pp, pbk) Fitzpatrick, Elyse S$13.0
455 Illustrated Survey of the Bible, The (256pp, hbk) Tidball, Derek S$22.5
456 Immortality (T. CHINESE/ZB, 132pp, pbk) Boettner, Loraine S$4.5
457 Improving Your Quiet Time (115pp, pbk) Robinson, Simon J. $15.0n
458 In the Beginning (Foundations of Creation Theology, 291pp, pbk) Bavinck, Herman S$17.5n
459 In the Sanctuary (Expository Sermons on the Lord's Supper, 116pp, pbk) Hoeksema, Herman S$7.5n
460 In Trouble & In Joy (Four Women Who Lived for God, 284pp, hbk) James, Sharon S$24.0
461 In Understanding Be Men (A Hankbook of Christian Doctrine, 200pp, pbk) Hammond, T. C. S$14.5
462 Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands (People In Need of Change Helping People In Need of Change, 360pp, pbk) Tripp, Paul David S$17.0
463 Intended for Pleasure (T. CHINESE/HB, 287pp, pbk) Wheat, Ed/Wheat, Gaye S$20.0n
464 Intended for Pleasure, 3rd Ed (Sex Technique & Sexual Fulfillment in Christian Marriage, 288pp, pbk) Wheat, Ed/Wheat, Gaye S$12.0n
465 Intimate Marriage, The (A Practical Guide to Building a Great Marriage, 168pp, pbk) Sproul, R. C. S$10.0
466 Into All the World (What the Bible Teaches About Mission, pp, pbk) Shields, Norman S$8.0n
467 Into Life (The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul, T. CHINESE/ZB, 66pp, pbk) Doddridge, Philip S$3.5
468 Is Any One of You Sick? (156pp, pbk) Price, Dilwyn S$17.5
469 Israel of God (Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, 204pp, pbk) Robertson, O. Palmer S$13.0
470 It's All In How You Tell It (Preaching First-Person Expository Messages, 144pp, pbk) Robinson, Haddon W./Robinson, Torrey W. S$15.5
471 Jesus--Power Without Measure (The Work of the Spirit in the Life of Our Lord, 160pp, pbk) MacMillan, J. Douglas S$5.5n
472 Jesus Christ: Self Denial or Self Esteem? (114pp, pbk) Tyler, David S$11.5n
473 Jesus & His Kingdom (40pp, hbk) MacKenzie, Carine S$12.0
474 Joel & Obadiah (288pp, hbk) Busenitz, Ivan S$28.0
475 John Calvin's Sermons on the Ten Commandments (326pp, pbk) Calvin, John S$21.0n
476 John Calvin (His Life & Influence, 160pp, pbk) Reymond, Robert L. S$14.0
477 John Owen: The Man & His Theology (190pp, pbk) Oliver, Robert W [Ed] S$17.0
478 Jonathan Edwards: A Guided Tour of His Life & Thought (248pp, pbk) Nichols, Stephen J. S$14.0
479 Josephus: The Complete Works (1200pp, hbk) Whiston, W[translator] S$20.0n
480 Joy at the End of the Tether (The Inscrutable Wisdom of Ecclesiastes, 125pp, pbk) Wilson, Douglas S$12.0
481 Justification of God, The, 2nd Ed (An Exegetical & Theological Study of Romas 9:1-23, 245pp, pbk) Piper, John S$20.0n
482 Keeping Your Ethical Edge Sharp (How to Cultivate a Personal Character that is Honest, Faithful, Just, & Morally Clean, 239pp, pbk) Sherman/Hendricks S$7.5n
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484 Kingdom & the Power (Rediscovering the Centrality of the Church, 283pp, pbk) Leithart, Peter J. S$12.0
485 Knowing God Through the Year Packer, J. I. S$13.0
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492 LEARN ABOUT GOD SERIES: God is Faithful (12pp, board) MacKenzie, Carine S$3.5
493 LEARN ABOUT GOD SERIES: God is Kind (12pp, board) MacKenzie, Carine S$3.5
494 LEARN ABOUT GOD SERIES: God Knows Everything (12pp, board) MacKenzie, Carine S$3.5
495 LEARN ABOUT GOD SERIES: God Never Changes (12pp, board) MacKenzie, Carine S$3.5
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542 Maintaining the Delicate Balance in Christian Living (115pp, pbk) Adams, Jay E. S$11.5n
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565 Morning By Morning: Daily Readings (384pp, hbk) Spurgeon, C. H. S$10.0
566 Morning & Evening (Matt Black, 753pp, Luxury Gift Edition) Spurgeon, C. H. S$23.0
567 Morning & Evening (Matt Burgendy, 753pp, Luxury Gift Edition) Spurgeon, C. H. S$23.0
568 Morning & Evening: Classic KJV Edition (768pp, hbk) Spurgeon, C. H. S$14.5
569 Mother Kirk (Essays & Forays in Practical Ecclesiology, 283pp, pbk) Wilson, Dougals S$21.5
570 My Bible ABC (63pp, pbk) MacKenzie, Catherine S$9.0
571 MY FIRST EXPERIENCE: Going to School (16pp, pbk) MacKenzie, Catherine S$5.0
572 MY FIRST EXPERIENCE: Going to the Doctor (16pp, pbk) MacKenzie, Catherine S$5.0
573 MY FIRST EXPERIENCE: Our New Baby (16pp, pbk) MacKenzie, Catherine S$5.0
574 MY FIRST EXPERIENCE: Our New Home (16pp, pbk) MacKenzie, Catherine S$5.0
575 My Heart for Thy Cause (Albert N. Martin's Theology of Preaching, 288pp, hbk) Borgman, Brian S$22.5
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582 Names of Jesus (A Scripture Puzzle Book About Jesus, 64pp, pbk) MacKenzie, Carine S$14.0
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585 New Dictionary of Biblical Theology (866pp, hbk) Alexander, T.D./Rosner, B.S. S$49.5
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587 New Encyclopedia of Christian Quotations, The (1200pp, hbk) Water, Mark S$31.5n
588 New Strong's Complete Dictionary of Bible Words (736pp, hbk) - S$23.5
589 New Testament Times (396pp, hbk) Tenney, Merrill C. S$20.0
590 New Testament, The (An Introduction to its Literature & History (386pp, pbk) Machen, J. Gresham S$16.0n
591 No Longer Two (A Christian Guide for Engagement & Marriage, 159pp, pbk) Edwards/Barbara $16.5n
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593 Now, That's a Good Question! (615pp, pbk) Sproul, R. C. S$18.0
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600 One Day We Met the Lions (Six Days of Fun, 16pp, pbk) MacKenzie, Janet S$5.0
601 One Ministry of the Word (134pp, pbk) Mann, Mark S$14.0n
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603 Only Servants (A View of the Place, Responsiblities & Ministries of Elders in Local Churches, 172pp, pbk) Pond, Clifford S$12.0
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606 Our Present Sufferings (40pp, pbk) Jeffery, Peter S$6.0n
607 Overcoming the World (Grace to Win the Daily Battle, 208pp, pbk) Beeke, Joel R. S$13.0
608 Pain, The Plight of Fallen Man (260pp, pbk) Halla, James S$18.5n
609 Parables, The (Understanding the Stories Jesus Told, 272pp, pbk) Kistemaker, Simon J. S$18.0n
610 Particular Grace (A Defence of God's Sovereignty in Salvation, 376pp, hbk) Kuyper, Abraham S$30.0n
611 Pastoral & Practical Theology of Wilhelmus a Brakel (A Brief Evaluation of The Christian's Reasonable Service, 55pp, pbk) Elshout, Bartel S$7.5n
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613 Peacemaker, The, 3rd Ed (A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal conflict, 320pp, pbk) Sande, Ken S$17.5
614 Peacemaking Women (Biblical Hope for Resolving Conflict, 352pp, pbk) Barthel, Tara Klena/Dabler, Judy S$17.5
615 Peep of Day, The (A Family Devotional Guide to the Bible, 160pp, pbk) Mortimer, F. L. S$8.5
616 Person of Christ, The (T. CHINESE/HB, 195pp, pbk, Revised Ed.) Boettner, Loraine S$9.5
617 Perspectives on Pentecost (N. T. Teaching on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, 127pp, pbk) Gaffin, Richard B. S$9.0
618 Perspectives on Pentecost (T. CHINESE/HB, N. T. Teaching on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, 133pp, pbk) Gaffin, Richard B. S$10.0
619 Persuasions (A Dream of Reason Meeting Unbelief, 95pp, pbk) Wilson, Douglas S$11.0
620 Peter: Eyewitness of Majesty (152pp, pbk) Donnelly, Edward A. S$10.5n
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622 Pilgrim's Progress, The (T. CHINESE/ZB, 143pp, pbk) Bunyan, John S$7.0
623 Place for Authority in Christ's Church, The (92pp, pbk) Adams, Jay E. S$11.5n
624 Pleasing God (Overcome the Obstacles that Keep You from Honoring God, 235pp, pbk) Sproul, R. C. S$15.0
625 Portraits of Faithful Saints (450pp, hbk) Hanko, Herman S$33.0n
626 Power Preaching for Church Growth (The Role of Preaching in Growing Churches, 190pp, pbk) Eby, David S$19.0
627 Practical Calvinist (An Introduction to the Presbyterian & Reformed Heritage, 576pp, pbk) Ferguson et al S$43.5
628 Practical Religion (Being Plain Papers on the Daily Duties, Experience, Dangers, & Privileges of Professing Christians, 495pp, pbk) Ryle, J. C. S$12.0n
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630 Practices of a Healthy Church (Biblical Strategies for Vibrant Church Life & Ministry, 253pp, pbk) MacNair, Donald J S$12.0
631 Practising Proverbs (Wise Living for Foolish Times, 239pp, pbk) Mayhue, Richard S$12.0
632 Praise Her in the Gates (The Calling of Christian Motherhood, 105pp, pbk) Wilson, Nancy S$12.0
633 Pray With Your Eyes Open (Looking at God, Ourselves, & Our Prayers, 198pp, pbk) Pratt, Jr, Richard L. S$10.0
634 Pray With Your Eyes Open (Looking at God, Ourselves, & Our Prayers, Leader's Guide, 30pp, pbk) Pratt Jr., Richard L. S$12.0
635 Prayer & the Knowledge of God (What the Whole Bible Teachers, 220pp, pbk) Goldsworthy, Graeme S$17.5
636 Prayer (T. CHINESE/ZB, 193pp, pbk) Hallesby, Ole Kristian S$15.5
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638 Praying Always (T. CHINESE/HB, 132pp, pbk) Bakker, Frans S$12.0
639 Praying the Saviour's Way (Let Jesus' Prayer Reshape Your Prayer Life, 144pp, pbk) Thomas, Derek S$8.5
640 Praying Together for True Revival (208pp, pbk) Edwards, Jonathan S$12.0
641 Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture (280pp, pbk) Goldsworthy, Graeme S$21.0
642 Preaching to the Heart (35pp, pbk) Adams, Jay E. S$9.0n
643 Preaching & Teaching from the Old Testament (224pp, pbk) Kaiser, Walter C., Jr S$18.0n
644 Precious Promises of the Gospel (40pp, pbk) Alleine, Joseph S$4.0n
645 Predestination (Combined Vols of Biblical Predestination & Predestination in the O.T., 215pp, pbk) Clark, Gordon H. S$10.0
646 Presbyterian Doctrine of Children in the Covenant (A Historical Study of the Significance of Infant Baptism in the Presbyterian Church, 188pp, pbk) Schenck, Lewis Bevens S$16.0
647 Primer on Roman Catholicism (42pp, pbk) Gerstner, John H. S$3.0n
648 Princeton & the New Divinity (Articles from the Princeton Review, 352pp, hbk) - S$20.5n
649 Problem of Pleasure (Why Good Things Happen to Bad People, 26pp, pbk) Gerstner, John S$4.0n
650 Promise of the Future, The (560pp, hbk) Venema, Cornelis P. S$37.0n
651 Promises of Grace (Living in the Grip of God's Love, 173pp, pbk) Chapell, Bryan S$15.5
652 Prophecy of Isaiah, The (544pp, pbk) Motyer, Alec S$26.0
653 Psalms in Congregational Celebration (366pp, pbk) Robertson, O. Palmer S$18.5
654 Psalms of Promise (Celebrating the Majesty and Faithfulness of God, 2nd Ed, 283pp, pbk) Beisner, E. Calvin S$11.0
655 Psalms & Hymns of Reformed Worship (857 Psalm Versions & Hymns in the Tradition of Reformation Hymnody, hbk) - S$13.0
656 Psalms (464pp, hbk) Harman, Allan S$34.5
657 Psalter, The (Small, hbk) - S$19.5n
658 Psalter, The (Standard, hbk) - S$22.0n
659 Psychology as Religion, 2nd Ed (The Cult of Self-Worship, 173pp, pbk) Vitz, Paul C. S$15.0n
660 Pundit's Folly, The (Chronicles of an Empty Life, 88pp, pbk) Ferguson, Sinclair B. S$5.0n
661 Puritan Evangelism: A Biblical Approach (52pp, pbk) Beeke, Joel R. S$6.5n
662 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Acceptable Sacrifice (Psa 51:17, 128pp, pbk) Bunyan, John S$7.5n
663 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: All Loves Excelling (Eph 3:17-18, 129pp, pbk) Bunyan, John S$7.0n
664 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: All Things for Good (Rom 8:28, 127pp, pbk) Watson, Thomas S$7.5n
665 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Apostasy from the Gospel (Abridged, 184pp, pbk) Owen, John S$7.5n
666 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Art of Prophesying, The (206pp, pbk) Perkins, William S$7.5n
667 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Christian's Great Interest, The (207pp, pbk) Guthrie, William S$7.5n
668 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Communion With God (Abridged, 209pp, pbk) Owen, John S$7.0n
669 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Doctrine of Repentance, The (122pp, pbk) Watson, Thomas S$7.5n
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671 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Glorious Freedom (2 Cor 3:17-18, 194pp, pbk) Sibbes, Richard S$7.0n
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674 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Heaven on Earth (A Treatise on Christian Assurance, 320pp, pbk) Brooks, Thomas S$9.0n
675 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Learning in Christ's School (284pp, pbk) Venning, Ralph S$8.0n
676 PURITAN PAPERBACKS: Lord's Supper, The (96pp, pbk) Watson, Thomas S$7.5n
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689 Putting Asunder (Divorce & Remarriage, 352pp, pbk) Clark, Stephen S$21.0n
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691 Quest for Full Assurance, The (The Legacy of Calvin & His Successors, 395pp, pbk) Beeke, Joel R. S$13.5n
692 Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling, 3rd Ed (208pp, pbk) Kruis, John G. S$14.0
693 Quiet Hours (Cantonese, Best of New Streams in the Desert, 31 Devotions, 2CDpack) - S$20.0n
694 Quiet Hours (Mandarin, Best of New Streams in the Desert, 31 Devotions, 2CDpack) - S$20.0n
695 Raising a Christian Daughter in an MTV World (245pp, pbk) Murdoch, Mary Ruth S$11.0
696 Reaching the Ear of God (Praying More .. and More Like Jesus, 288pp, pbk) Mack, Wayne A. S$14.0
697 Readable TULIP, The (88pp, pbk) Fook Meng, Cheah S$8.0n
698 Reader's Guide to Reformed Literature (An Annotated Bibliography of Reformed Theology, 98pp, pbk) Beeke, Joel R. S$11.5n
699 Ready to Give an Answer (A Catechism of Reformed Distinctives, 238pp, pbk) Hoeksema, Herman S$25.0n
700 Ready to Restore (The Layman's Guide to Christian Counselling, 111pp, pbk) Adams, Jay E. S$10.0
701 Real Worship (T. CHINESE/ZB, 274pp, pbk) Wiersbe, Warren W. S$16.0n
702 Recovering Biblical Manhood & Womanhood (A Response to Evangelical Feminism, 566pp, pbk) PiperJ/Grudem (Ed) S$24.5
703 Redeem the Time (Sin in the Writings of John Owen, 312pp, pbk) Griffiths, Steve S$19.0
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705 Reformation Sketches (Insights into Luther, Calvin, & the Confessions, 151pp, pbk) Godfrey, Robert S$11.0
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707 Reformation Study Bible (ESV, 2208pp, Leather, Black) Sproul, R. C. (Ed) S$70.0
708 Reformation: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (99pp, pbk) Trueman, Carl S$9.5n
709 Reformed Confessions Harmonized (With an Annotated Bibliography of Reformed Doctrinal Works, 288pp, pbk) Beeke/Ferguson S$28.0n
710 Reformed Doctrine of Predestination (440pp, pbk) Boettner, Loraine S$13.0
711 Reformed Dogmatics, Vol 1 (644pp, hbk) Hoeksema, Herman S$55.0n
712 Reformed Dogmatics, Vol 2 (pp, hbk) Hoeksema, Herman S$55.0n
713 Reformed Education (The Christian School as Demand of the Covenant, 101pp, pbk) Engelsma, David J. S$9.0n
714 Reformed Faith, The (28pp, pbk) Boettner, Loraine S$3.0
715 Reformed Theological Writings (268pp, pbk) Finlayson, R. A. S$21.0
716 Reformed Worship (64pp, pbk) David J. Engelsma, Barry Gritters, and Charles Terpstra S$7.0n
717 Reformers and Theology of the Reformation (616pp, hbk) Cunningham, William S$32.0n
718 Reforming Marriage (144pp, pbk) Wilson, Douglas S$13.5
719 Registers of the Consistory of Geneva at the Time of Calvin, The, Vol 1:1542-1544 (478pp, pbk) Kingdon, Robert M., ed. S$53.5n
720 Rejoice ... Always! (176pp, pbk) Gwyn-Thomas, John S$7.0n
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912 Ultimate Questions (Simplified Chinese, 32pp, bkt) Blanchard, John S$1.5
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926 Up Against It (208pp, pbk) Philip, James S$12.0
927 Urban Face of Mission, The (Ministering the Gospel in a Diverse & Changing World, 360pp, pbk) Ortiz, Manuel/Baker, Susan S. [Ed] S$17.0
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940 We & Our Children (The Reformed Doctrine of Infant Baptism, 181pp, pbk) Hanko, Herman S$16.0n
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948 Westminster Confession Into the 21st Century, The (Vol 1, 468pp, hbk) Duncan, Ligon S$40.0
949 Westminster Confession of Faith Study Book, The (A Study Guide for Churches, 416pp, pbk) Pipa, Joey S$17.5
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951 Westminster Confession of Faith: A Study Guide, 2nd Ed (400pp, pbk) Williamson, G. I. S$17.0
952 Westminster Larger Catechism: A Commentary (624pp, pbk) Vos, Johannes G. S$20.0
953 Westminster Shorter Catechism-With Commentary & Scripture Proofs (T. CHINESE/HB, 95pp, pbk) Divines, Westminster S$8.0
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967 When Grace Comes Home (The Difference 'the Doctrines of Grace' Make to Your Life (192pp, pbk) Johnson, Terry L. S$12.0
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969 When I Survey (A Lenten Anthology, 538pp, hbk) Hoeksema, Herman S$16.0n
970 When People are Big & God is Small (Overcoming Peer Pressure, Codependency, & the Fear of Man, 239pp, pbk) Welch, Edward T. S$15.0
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975 Who Knows What This Is? (An Instructive Memory Game with Biblical Illustrations, CHINESE, 108 cards) - S$12.0
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978 Why I Am a Christian (160pp, pbk) Philpot, Kent S$13.5
979 Why I Left the Contemporary Christian Music Movement (Confessions of a Former Worship Leader, 141pp, pbk) Lucarini, Dan S$14.0
980 Why Lord? (The Book of Job for Today, 148pp, pbk) Benfold, Gary S$15.5
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1004 Your Family, God's Way (Developing & Sustaining Relationships in the Home, 227pp, pbk) Mack, Wayne A. S$11.0